Burner Drink 500 ml

HN Nutrition has developed a powerful, 100% natural, refreshing and moisturizing fat burner that combines L-Carnitine and Green Tea with highly effective components and excellent synergy between them.

Burner Drink, from HN Nutrition, actively helps the body to burn stored fat and transport it for use as a source of energy.
Burner Drink normalizes blood triglycerides.
Burner Drink stimulates the basal metabolism and lipolysis (fat breakdown), which is a process where the body burns more calories to promote the reduction of body fat.
Burner Drink has a diuretic action leading to a decrease in water retention.
Burner Drink allows for longer and more intense workouts thanks to the increase in energy provided.
Burner Drink contains a large amount of Polyphenols which acts as an antioxidant helping to eliminate free radicals.

Burner Drink attached with a diet and physical activity will boost weight loss and decrease localized fat.

HN Nutrition has created a unique drink from the most effective raw materials to help reduce body fat and get a fat-free physique in a healthy and natural way.


       · 100% natural drink
       · Fat Burner
       · Lower cholesterol
       · Avoids cardiovascular accidents
       · Diuretic action
       · Antioxidant
       · Zero calories
       · Zero aspartame

       · Unique composition HN Nutrition


Recommended daily dose: 1 bottle.

How to use: Drink before and during physical exercise.

Flavors: Mandarin, Apple or Green Tea & Mint.

Presentation: Burner Drink is marketed in pack of 24 bottles of 500 ml.